Artist Bio

Exploring the Abstract influenced by Nature, Introspection, the ‘Used and Worn’, the Consequences of Time.

I grew up in Italy, in a small seaside town in the Abruzzo region. I have always been surrounded by art, from a very early age, as my beloved grandfather was an art dealer.

In 2002 I began my life experience in London, England, driven by my love for music and art, as I wanted to experience the energy of such a beautiful, artistic and eclectic city. The freedom of expression that surrounded the city, and the beautiful, dramatic scenery of the English countryside, made England my home for 18 years. 

After completing a BA Degree in Fine Art, at Middlesex University, for the 10 years I have worked as an Art Technician at City and Islington College, in North London. This gave me the possibility to explore and expand my understanding of printing and sculpture, developing even further my passion for both subjects, combining them with my love for painting. This is how my work takes form. 

As a Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher, I embrace the relationship of the outer and inner worlds very deeply, throughout the exploration of feelings, emotions and introspective journeys. This is essential within the creation of my work and abstract style, maintaining the duality of this relationship alive in almost every piece. 

After relocating in Italy in 2020, to pursue country life at its core, the new journey is giving life to new Art work. Life in Nature is always the muse of true insightful moments.


BA Fine Art, Middlesex University, London 


2020 – Solo Exhibition, ‘Il ritorno alle Origini’, Giulianova, Italy 

2018 – Collective Summer Exhibition, Gallery Du808, Bristol, UK 

2017 – Collective Exhibition, Kipferl Art Cafe, Islington, London, UK 

2016 – Collective Exhibition, The Art Town, London, UK 

2014 – Collective Exhibition, City and Islington College, London, UK 

2013 – Collective Exhibition, Giulianova, Italy 

2012 – Collective Exhibition, Candid Arts, Islington, London, UK 

2011 – Collective Exhibition, The Old Truman Brewery, London, UK 

2010 – Solo Exhibition ‘Metamorphosis’, The Foundry, London, UK 

2010 – Solo Exhibition ‘Metamorphosis’, Middlesex University, London, UK 

2009 – Collective Exhibition, La Linea, Bologna, Italy 

2008 – Collective Exhibition, The Foundry, London, UK 

2007 – Collective Exhibition, Islington, London, UK